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A look over the best schools of Gurgaon

A look over the best schools of Gurgaon

Education has become the fundamental right to be gained by every personality in order to survive in this world of highly intellectual people. Schools are first ladder for any child to start his episode of education. Fraud schools, high fees charges, misconstrued studies and many more are the reasons why parents nowadays have become too suspicious about their child’s admission to the schools. The day to day spurt in the security issues of children and girls in Gurgaon have now become the serious matter of concern for the parents and have made them get their children out of the schools and have resulted in the frequent visits by parents, interfering school premises. These results have some or the other way has hampered the studies of children studying in Gurgaon. So, parents are often found craving for the list of best schools in Gurgaon

The reasons as to why people prefer to admit their kids to high performance schools than any schools are as follows –

● Due to the high test scores.

● High performance schools provide better indoor quality, clean washrooms, pollutants are kept out of the classrooms which results in the less number of students falling sick and they will have increased average daily attendance.

● The reduced operation cost- High performance schools are designed using life cycle cost methods and use less energy and water than other schools.

● They are the pleasant and effective place to work and to invest energy and hence they adhere to teacher’s satisfaction and attention.

● High performance schools have reduced the liability.

The list of best schools in Gurgaon are-

1. The Heritage School

This school offers modern facilities like weather controlled classrooms, subject laboratories, medical room and it also offers design labs for carpentry, pottery, textile and multimedia.

2. Pathways World School

It is equipped with the environmental friendly architecture. This school focuses on student studies and their personality development. They also focus on project-based assignments. This school was established in 2010.

3. The Shri Ram School

This school provides platform for various types of sports like Basketball, football, cricket et. and also provide the proper infrastructure of courts and playground with proper equipments for these sports. This school believes that parent involvement is necessary for raising the children and hence conduct parents teacher meeting for the excellence of the student. This school is established in year 2000 and follows the ISCE board.

4. Shikshantar School

They are inspired by the interdisciplinary understanding of philosophy, psychology and education. Students are provided with the opportunities of experiences inside and outside the classroom through many activities and competitions.

Since, nowadays news channels are filled with the school crimes happening with students studying in Gurgaon. Parents tend to get their children out of those schools and are in a search of new schools in Gurgaon out there.

The new schools in Gurgaon which are also good for school education are listed below-

✓ Amity Internationals

✓ Blue bells Model School

✓ Canterbury Public School

✓ Excelsior Public school

✓ MatriKiran High School

✓ Presidium School

Sept. 20, 2017 Narender Kumar