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How About Referring To Some Best Schools of Gurgaon

How About Referring To Some Best Schools of Gurgaon

The nowadays ‘child crime’ affected area is Gurgaon (the NCR region). The news channels, the media is flooded with the incidents of child’s murder, rape, molestation and all. And, the most wretched sight to be seen today is the ramshackle image of Gurgaon city. The city which is the most workaholic place and this developed city is now being outshone by the news channels due to deteriorated condition of school premises in Gurgaon. Now the question arises how the parents and students will be secured by the day to day school life. The amount of crime happening in the schools made them shattered and left them in a state of question as to how to send their kids to school and which is the best fir school with all the best security reasons and facilities. Parents are on the pace towards making the Gurgaon best school list.

Parents nowadays are on the Marche in paying the higher fees but getting the best education with all the personality development programme and security of their kids.

The reasons why parents prefer best schools instead of mediocre schools for there are as follows-

● Best schools ensure all the security of the students, in the matters of transport, any kind of mishap or any kind bustle.

● They also focus on the education and hire the best qualified teachers with high teaching skills to teach the students.

● Fees might be high but they offer the best facilities and sports activity for the overall development of the student.

● Premises are kept highly ventilated and clean, disease-free to ensure the good health of the students.

● High performance schools are particular about discipline scenario and often teaches a lot of things on the off classes sessions.

From the Gurgaon best school list, Gurgaon top 10 schools are as follows-

1. The Shri Ram School

This school follows the CISCE pattern of syllabus and includes classes from Grade 1 to Grade 12. In addition with the academic classes, the school also offers the co-curricular activities for the co-scholastic development of the student. It comes under the best Gurgaon top 10 schools.

2. DAV Public School, Sector 14

This is the school which is known for the plenty number of branches. It is one of the prestigious schools and is a co-ed institute. It comes under the best schools in matters of studies and extra-curricular activities. It also focuses on the sport activities, music, dance and also provides Gym facility for the students.

3. The Heritage School

It follows the CBSE pattern and has classes from the grade 1 to grade 12. Also, it is famous for the most abundant co-curricular activities within the school premises and even has a properly built infrastructure for such activities and sport. It has sport like Basketball, Volleyball, Cricket, Tennis, Swimming and so on. And, activities like sculpting, painting, Chess, textile designing, theatre etc.

4. Scottish High International School

It follows various global boards such as IB, ISC, IGSCE and ICSE. Apart from the best academic performance, this school also focuses on the overall development of the student by providing activities like art and craft, golf, hockey, archery etc.

Sept. 25, 2017 Manish Kumar