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Parents Should Teach Kids These Skills Before Pre-Schoo 2019l

Parents Should Teach Kids These Skills Before Pre-Schoo 2019l

Parents should teach kids these skills before pre-school

Parents have always cocern of thinh that how their child is developing skills comparing with others their age? It is especially true if your child is starting the school for first time . Nearly every parent feels some anxiety about their child starting the school. Will they able to pick up things in new environment.

Psychologist of AIIMS advice that every parents should teach below skills to their child before pre-school :

Write Their Name: Reading and writing are two hardest thing a child will learn.Best way to learn writing is to start with their name and letters. Always use pencils for writing and pens should be avoided . You can get them in mood by doing a lot of coloring ,then starting to show them how to write letters.

Know The Alphabet : Toys and songs on youtube play an important role in learning alphabets ,but it sh'dnt be limited to reciting sounds. Child should also be able to difference when it comes to writing them. Many kids get confused with writing "b" and "d" .

Count And Answer Number Based Questions : Put three apples in child plate,get your child to eat one and ask how many are left in plate.Try counting everything for a day,including all your toys at home.

Recite Songs : Learning simple songs and tunes help children develop learning skills.Don't be embarassed about singing to your child,and do it often. You can start singing when mother is pregnant ,as hearing is the first sense they develop.

Take Turns And Share : Chils always learn from others, it is good to start with early activities.You can start by congratulating them for sharing toys with other children .This means your child will not be the one who gets into fights with other at school over who gets to play with the toys.

Let Them Use A Computer In Guidance: let your child use a computer/laptop under your guidance .Teach them about the basic components of computer. Also teach them to build own library and sharing the books with friends.

Group Activities With Other Children : Many children are shy,so to boost their confidence by taking them to activities and parties,anywhere where there will be other kids around.

Make Up Stories : While cooking at home , you can make up small stories based on ancients books like Ramayana and other to train them for listening skills .It helps child to build their vocaublry and communications skills ,would be amazed at how much you enjoy making up a story.

Feb. 13, 2019 Ashish