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Watch out lifetime view of Super Blue Blood Moon on January 31

Watch out lifetime view of Super Blue Blood Moon on January 31

Don't forget to look at the moon during the lunar eclipse on January 31
because it wouldn't be any regular moon this time. It will be super moon ,a blue moon and a blood moon ,all-in-one.

This is happening after 35 years and was last seen in Asia on December 30,1982. However there will be next total lunar eclipse will be on 7th July 2018,but this
will not be a blue moon or super moon.

As per Nehru Planetarium in New Delhi , A coincidence of three special features of moon all happening on a single day is rare. It is happening after many years.

According to website ,the upcoming eclipse will be "first total eclipse of a blue moon in nearly 152 years" .

People are saying it is happening after 152 years which is fine ,however for Asia it is happening after 1982.

In India, the eclipse will start at 5:18 PM and will be total at 6:21 PM and will remain till 7:37 PM .
After the Total Lunar Eclipse ends ,moon will gradually come out of earth's shadow. The partial eclipse will end around 8:41 PM.

January 31 , Lunar eclipse is termed as "Blood Moon or Blue Moon or Super Moon " ,will be visible from large parts of USA, northeastern Europe , Russia,Asia
,Indian Ocean and Australia. Africa and South America wouldn't be able to see the eclipse since it will happen during daytime and wouldn't be visible.

Super moon can be seen across India with naked eye ,unlike solar eclipse which can cause damage to eye .On January 31,when the full moon is in its perigee
-closer to the earth -it will be under a total eclipse.It is also first total lunar eclipse of the year.

A Lunar eclipse is defined as when moon gets shadowed by earth,but sunlight while passing through earth's atmosphere get broken down into its constituents color.
Red part of light get minimum scattered by the atmosphere and falls on the moon surface, giving the moon take a reddish copper hue. For this reason ,totally
eclipse moon is called Blood Moon.

Since during the month, first full moon occurred on January 2 , this is 2nd full moon event in same month , it is popularly known as "Blue Moon" .

Time period between 2 full moons is 29.5 days ,so if a month has 31 days and 1st moon occurred in the beginning of month ,only then chances are that it will
appear in same month.

Moon rotates around earth in an elliptic orbit. As a result ,during its journey around earth, it comes closest to the earth in its orbit ,close point is called
"Perigee" and once in orbit it goes to the furthest point ,which is known as "Apogee". If by a chance , a full moon occurs during a perigee or near the
perigee position in its orbit,it will definitely looks bigger and brighter than a full moon at the apogee and this time moon will be 14 % bigger and
30% brighter than a full moon which is why this named as "Super Moon" .

So do enjoy the event with family once in a lifetime event which is good to see and share it with friends .

Jan. 25, 2018 Manoj