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Social media affecting mental well-being of youth

Social media affecting mental well-being of youth

Excessive exposure to social media is massively affecting the psychological

Well-being of youth which results in exhibiting unusual behavioral and changed lifestyles

which have affected their education and interpersonal relationships. In most cases,

people don't even understand that they may be affected by it, which is a cause of worry,

as observed.

The observation say Where social media makes the youth more conscious about how they look,

the constant sense of validation or approval from others around them affects their self-esteem

and mental well-being.

According to psychiatrist Dr. Sandeep Vohra study Social media platforms act

like double-edge sword on one hand, they have brought a greater sense of democratization &

on the other hand, it has a dark side too and many youngsters are either being harassed on it or

becoming addicted to it which leads to psychological problems . People who are suffering from common

psychological disorders like depression and anxiety or severe ones like schizophrenia or bipolar disorder

are also included.

Child and adolescent psychologist cautions that with excessive exposure to social media,

youngsters are allowing others to take control of their lives.

Many of them are also spending inordinate time on the internet, sleeping late night

and not communicate with people in real life. The worry is that many of these youngsters do not even know

that they are exhibiting changed psychological behavior.

Aug. 1, 2017 Prachi