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How to protect your young children during winter?

How to protect your young children during winter?

How to protect your young children during winter?
Winter is a very nice season. It is fun, cold and there are holidays too. But winter is fun only when you are older. For young children, winter can be a very hard time. Infections, flu and cold spread faster during winter. You will have to take extra care of your children during winter especially if your children are very young, from 1 to 5 years. If they have just joined the preschool, they must be given extra care.
Here are some ways in which you can protect your children from the many diseases and flu that spread commonly during winter

Firstly, keep your kid warm. Winter can be very cold, and it will be hard for your little one to cope with the cold. When sending to school or even at home, make them wear their winter jackets, sweaters, caps, socks and mufflers. If the cold is too much, they can also wear gloves. Cover their ears with plugs.
At night, tuck them into warm blankets and rugs to keep them warm. A heater at home will be helpful.
Water is one way in which bacteria spread. During winter, let the kids drink RO water preferably luke warm water. The boiled water will not have any kind of microbes in it.
Food must also be chosen very carefully during winter. Avoid eating out too much. Cook healthy food at home for the kids. Include lots of cereals and pulses. Hot soups and porridges are also good. They are tasty to the tongue and healthy to the body. Avoid oily food for the kids. Junk food must be limited. Do not take your kids to ice cream treats until winter is over.
Flu is common in the winter, especially for young children. Here are some household remedies for flu and cold for the little tots

Resting is the best way you can help your kid to cope with cold and flu. Give them rest, let them take off from school for a couple of days. Let them lay in bed while you talk to them, play with them or read out loudly.
Lots of fluids
The kids must drink lots of water, preferably boiled water. Fluid will help rid any kind of infections and keep the body hydrated.
If the cold is not bearable, you can use humidifiers to give steam and clear the respiratory tract. It’s difficult to make children sit long for steam, as the heads are covered. Take steam along with them. Try telling stories or sing rhymes together during the process.
Cook hot soups for the child. Put grated vegetables like radish, bottle gourd, mashed peas and corns to make it even healthier. They will love the soup, and as it’s hot, it will clear a sore throat and provide some comfort.
Elevate the head
Nights can be problematic owing to a persistent cough. Some ease will be provided to the child if you elevate the head with the help of a pillow.
A spoon of honey will provide relief to a cough and cold in the young kids.
Gargling is not easy for the kids. Make it a fun exercise and explain to them what to do. Use warm water and salt. Gargle along with them. Even if they swallow some of the water, it’s no harm.
These are some things you can do to keep your kids safe and away from flu and cold in the winter.

Jan. 9, 2018 Rajesh